After a North Carolina GOP office was firebombed last week, the media stood up to denounce violence coming from the American Left.

Ha ha, no of course they didn’t. They continued to blame Republicans for the violence against them and insist that the Right is the side that engages in political violence.

On his show Monday night, “NBC Nightly News” host Lester Holt spent a segment not on the firebombing, but on the alleged “undertones of violence” coming from Donald Trump’s campaign. The segment included clips of fights at some of Trump’s rallies but didn’t mention that much of the violence at these rallies was caused by supporters of Democratic/Socialist former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

But the political Right has no monopoly on violence. The media is merely more likely to downplay or ignore violence on the Left, whether it comes in the form of hoaxes or provocations.

Remember Occupy Wall Street? What began as a protest against the excesses of the Big Banks quickly turned into a hive of scum and villainy, with murders, sexual assaults and violent clashes with police (though supporters of the movement say police are to blame for those clashes) occurring far too regularly.

Contrast that with the way the media portrayed the Tea Party rallies, which were almost entirely peaceful and put on by people who actually picked up their own trash. But whenever a fight did break out (even if it involved counter-protesters) the media would conclude that it was “a symptom of the polarizing rhetoric that fueled” the Tea Party.

These days, some of those upset about police brutality have resorted to political street violence even in what begins as peaceful protests. They shut down highways and vandalize police stations and routinely destroy local businesses to get their message across. And of course, no movement like Black Lives Matter can control all of the people it inspires. In July, after two black men were killed by police in Baton Rouge, La., a gunman took advantage of a BLM protest to target and kill five on-duty police officers. Other officers have been targeted as well by fanatics who cite its inspiration.

But instead of covering this violence, the media keep the attention on police and Trump’s rhetoric.

Outside of dedicated movements like OWS and BLM, Leftist protesters too often respond violently to that with which they disagree. Back in 2008, when California was about to vote on Proposition 8 — which would make same-sex illegal in the state — several churches were vandalized. A Latter-day Saints chapel sign in Orangevale, Calif., was vandalized with the words “No on 8” and “hypocrites.” A Mormon church in San Luis Obispo, Calif., was hit with an adhesive on the doormat, a keypad and a window. An Assembly of God church was hit with eggs and strewn with toilet paper.

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The attacks on churches weren’t restricted to California, either. Five Latter-day Sants wardhouses in Utah had their windows shot out with a BB gun. Police wouldn’t conclude that the culprits were supporters of same-sex marriage.

The Left has many violent elements that desperately need to be addressed. The media can’t keep pretending the Left are just rowdy kids while trumping up violence every time it appears to come from the Right.

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