This Friday, ABC News will tackle the Rolling Stone gang-rape hoax, a story that captivated a nation through its initial publication and eventual debunking.

The original article, published in November 2014, claimed that a young woman identified as “Jackie” had been gang-raped as part of a fraternity initiation when she was a freshman at the University of Virginia. Jackie and Rolling Stone author Sabrina Rubin Erdely claimed U.Va. dismissed the young woman’s claims and tried to stop her from going to the police.

But in the weeks after the article posted, thanks to skepticism from some pundits and reporters, and the intrepid reporting of the Washington Post’s T. Rees Shapiro, the story fell apart. No party occurred at the fraternity the night of the alleged gang rape. Even worse, the man whom Jackie claimed brought her to the party after the two had a date didn’t even exist.

Rolling Stone eventually retracted the article, and the Columbia Journalism Review issued a report on the magazine’s numerous missteps.

After the article was retracted, the U.Va. dean who was shown as being dismissive of Jackie’s claims, Nicole Eramo, sued the magazine. The trial for her lawsuit is set to begin next week.

I mentioned yesterday in an article I wrote about the lawsuit that ABC may have received leaked deposition footage from the lawsuit. One video, included in the trailer for the ABC “20/20” feature, shows author Erdely crying during her testimony about her article. In the days and weeks after the article was published, Erdely was defiant in her defense of her article. The last tweet Erdely sent out was critical of a reporter who didn’t call her a “journalist” while profiling her for her soon-to-be-debunked Rolling Stone article.

ABC’s program on the gang-rape hoax will air Friday, Oct. 14 at 10 p.m. ET. It will feature interviews with Eramo, Shapiro and friends of Jackie who helped debunk her story.

Ashe Schow is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.

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