How lucrative is it to be a former member of Congress? Just ask Indiana Democratic Senate candidate Evan Bayh, who in just six years after leaving the Senate in 2011 built as much as $40 million in wealth — mostly from K Street lobbying firms and corporate board positions he never would have had except that he’s a former senator and governor.

Bayh’s net worth increased dramatically after he left Congress. While in the Senate, Bayh and his wife Susan reported between $2.1 million and $7.7 million in assets. In the six years since Bayh left the Senate, those assets increased to between $13.9 million and $48 million. So his wealth has increased by anywhere between double and 20 times what it was just a few years ago.

“From January 2015 until now, Bayh’s position as an adviser to the private equity firm Apollo Global Management earned him $2,038,152.05, the new disclosure shows,” wrote Politico’s Seung Min Kim and Maggie Severns. “Bayh raked in $1,950,395.61 as a partner at the D.C. law and lobbying firm McGuireWoods in that same time period. He also earned $440,033.72 as a Fox News analyst, the document shows.”

For the record, most journalists don’t make anywhere near that much, even for doing “analysis” full time.

The two add: “Additionally, Bayh earned $1.76 million through his positions on boards of Berry Plastics Group in Evansville, Ind.; RLJ Lodging Trust in Bethesda, Md.; Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati and Marathon Petroleum Corporation in Findlay, Ohio. He also was compensated $82,000 for speeches he gave before various companies and associations, as well as for an article for DDC Advocacy in Washington.”

Not bad for someone who had been earning a mere $174,000 a year prior to all that as Indiana’s junior U.S. senator.

Bayh follows a pattern of former lawmakers who are able to use those connections to move over to lobbying and make millions, as documented for more than a decade by my colleague Tim Carney. It comes as little surprise that Bayh, who has lived in Washington for quite a long time, couldn’t remember when asked for the token Indiana address he has maintained (he has a one-bedroom condo).

Hillary Clinton and husband Bill have taken a similar route, using their name and connections to set up a foundation and give paid speeches putting their net worth somewhere over $100 million. It’s a bit surprising to see that someone as relatively obscure as Bayh can build wealth at nearly the same rate, even if he doesn’t command quite the same fee for paid speeches.

As the old song goes, it’s nice work if you can get it.

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