Tim Kaine continuously interrupted Mike Pence (and to be fair, Pence interrupted Kaine, but not as often) throughout the debate, just as Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton during their first debate. (AP Photo)

Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine interrupted Donald Trump’s running mate time and time again during the vice presidential debate Tuesday night. Will the media call him out on it?

Following the first presidential debate, media outlets wrote article after article about Trump interrupting Clinton. And of course the underlying implication was that interrupting Clinton, a woman, is sexist.

Vox: “Trump interrupted Clinton 51 times at the debate. She interrupted him just 17 times”

Vox: “I counted every interruption in the first presidential debate. And then I did the same for Obama-Romney”

PBS: “For many women, watching Trump interrupt Clinton 51 times was unnerving but familiar”

Huffington Post: “Donald Trump Couldn’t Stop Interrupting Hillary Clinton On Debate Night”

New York Magazine: “Donald Trump Interrupted Hillary Clinton Many, Many, Many Times at the Debate”

The list goes on.

Kaine continuously interrupted Pence (and to be fair, Pence interrupted Kaine, but not as often) throughout the debate, just as Trump interrupted Clinton during their first debate. Trump also interrupted his male primary opponents constantly — it’s his debate style. But when he interrupted Clinton, it was sexist, because she’s a woman.

Trump camp: Kaine a 'sexist' for interrupting female moderator

Also from the Washington Examiner

Kaine’s repeated interruptions were a top talking point throughout the debate.

10/04/16 10:18 PM

Trump just interrupts people. It’s rude, yes, but he wasn’t discriminating against Clinton when he interrupted her. I doubt the media will go after Kaine for interrupting Pence the way it went after Trump for interrupting Clinton.

Ashe Schow is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.

Kaine, Pence spar over Clinton, Trump in heated VP debate

Top Story

Their mission during tonight’s debate— more than anything — is to make voters take notice.

10/04/16 5:32 PM

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