It should surprise no one, but on Monday a Dutch investigation presented irrefutable evidence that Russia was behind the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine in July 2014. The investigation will continue, with the aim of gathering enough evidence to charge specific people involved in this act of mass murder.

But it is already clear not only that Vladimir Putin’s regime supplied the missile system that shot down the commercial airliner, but that it also participated in the coverup afterward, which continues to this day.

Even if Putin did not intend to murder 300 non-combatant travelers by shooting down the Boeing 777 with a Buk missile (only to kill hundreds of others by starting a war with a neighboring country) he became an accomplice after-the-fact to this crime when the missile system that was used in it was shuttled back to Russia to hide the deed.

It’s this sort of international malignancy and cynicism on Putin’s part that one must keep in mind when thinking about Donald Trump’s inappropriate and explicit admiration for the Russian tyrant.

But it casts light not only on his judgment. For it was not Trump but the Obama administration, with Hillary Clinton running foreign policy, that actually fumbled U.S.-Russian relations and brought them to them to their current incoherence. Putin has repeatedly gotten the better of America’s top leaders, most notably Clinton and her boss, who snarkily dismissed concerns about Russia during the 2012 presidential election by declaring, “The 1980s are calling; they want their foreign policy back.”

Clinton’s diplomatic outreach to Russia, one of her earliest initiatives as Obama’s top diplomat, is one of many embarrassing and consequential failures that expose her claims to good judgment and competence as empty. American diplomacy and intelligence alike failed to detect Putin’s ambitions until Crimea and eastern Ukraine had already been overrun.

Throughout and immediately after Clinton’s tenure at the State Department, Russia elevated itself from being a minor annoyance to being a leading cause of world instability. Clinton, like the man she hopes to succeed, has no plan to curb Putin’s ambitions, which are likely to grow as his nation’s economy shrinks.

Obama is dealing with Russia’s decision, amidst a negotiated cease-fire, to bomb a United Nations relief convoy in Syria. What is especially despicable about this act is not that Russia is intent on helping Syrian dictator Bashar Assad retake the city — that much was already known — but that the convoy’s safe passage had been negotiated in advance.

The best reply Secretary of State John Kerry has mustered so far to this war crime is to threaten to stop talking with Russia about Syria. (Some people might regard that as a promise rather than a threat). And this debacle comes just two days after Kerry desperately and embarrassingly tried to prevent the derailment of negotiations with his war-criminal partners.

The Clintons' big fat Greek bond wedding

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State Department attorneys lost a 2012 email between a top Clinton aide and a Clinton Foundation employee regarding Greek bonds, in which Clinton’s son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, was investing heavily.

09/29/16 12:58 AM

The next president will have a lot on his or her plate. One immediate cause of this is the lack of seriousness with which Obama and Clinton treated Russia, which a wise man, Mitt Romney, once called America’s greatest geopolitical foe.

The history of American relations with Russia during the eight years of Obama’s misrule is not one where the nation’s principal concern is what the Republican presidential candidate might do. That is unknown, but it is just as unknown how much worse Clinton might make the fiasco she has done so much to create. Neither presidential candidate is remotely reassuring about how they will deal with Russia. Only one of them, though, has a track record. She is running on it and it does not suggest she has an assured grasp on one of the most important of our foreign relations.

The Clintons' big fat Greek bond wedding

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A Clinton aide emailed the Clinton Foundation about Greece as the family invested in Greek bonds.

09/29/16 12:58 AM

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