Hillary Clinton is a lot of things, but spontaneous is not one of them. Tonight, expect the Democratic nominee to come equipped not only with the typical canned lines and planned zingers all politicians have, but a few pre-planned tactics.

Here are some good guesses as to set-pieces we will see from Hillary.

1) Baiting the counter-puncher

Donald Trump is a proud “counterpuncher.” Hillaryworld understands that this means he is easily baited into emotional retaliation. Maybe her sharpest critique of Trump during the Democratic convention was her line, “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”

So Hillary very well might try to bait Trump tonight to put his insecurities and lack of self control on full display.

Trump has many vulnerabilities. Where his inflated self-image clashes with his mixed record, he can be very insecure. Trump is very sensitive about his own wealth. He considers himself a great negotiator and businessman, and so bringing up his business failings could trigger him. Hillary could even bait him by pointing out what a Hillary fan he’s been for most of his adult life.

If she baits him into a personal attack on her, rudeness, and interrupting and name-calling, it could backfire, because people expect men to treat women with respect.

2) Play the woman card

On a related note, Donald Trump is a rude, interrupting, boor. When he is rude and dismissive to her in the way he was rude and dismissive to all of his primary opponents, she can do what she did in 2000 and 2008: assert that Trump is only treating her badly because she’s a woman.

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3) Work the refs

It is absolutely central to the Clinton campaign to convince media bigwigs that it is unfair to treat the two candidates symmetrically. Hillaryworld led a media freakout on Matt Lauer and (yes) Jimmy Fallon for not being more aggressive against Trump.

Democrats like Paul Krugman have played this card constantly for a decade, and this year, with a more unhinged GOP nominee, the tactic is working. Many media outlets have declared their independence from balanced journalism.

Hillary in 2008 tried (clumsily) to note media favoritism towards Barack Obama in the primaries, chastising moderators for something inane. Expect her to do that tonight — rile up her fans by chastising Lester Holt, or maybe cable news more broadly for letting Trump’s lies go unchallenged.

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