HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — Hillary Clinton’s campaign said that Donald Trump came off as “deranged” and “unhinged” during the first presidential debate on Monday.

But the Trump campaign argued that it was Clinton who came off “smug” and “canned.”

The comments came as both campaigns rushed to shape perceptions of the debate immediately after it concluded.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said, “We assumed he would maintain his composure. He could not. He became unhinged … It reinforced the case we’ve been making the entire campaign. This is somebody who is fundamentally unfit, unprepared to be president. He will be over his head the minute he steps into office.”

Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon said, “I think maybe for the opening moments of the debate Donald Trump made a brief attempt to keep a calm temperament and then Hillary Clinton, unlike many of his primary foes who he vanquished in quick order in the debates, he met his match tonight.”

After Clinton made her case on the economy and the debate continued, Fallon said, “A lot of his comments were frankly deranged.”

He said, “The poll numbers show that by a clear majority, [people] do not think that he’s temperamentally fit to be president, do not trust him to be commander in chief, do not trust him with the decisions that are made in the situation room, do not trust him with the nuclear codes. And I don’t think he did anything today to reassure those people who have those concerns.”

He continued, “He went on a deranged rant where he again lied about his support for the Iraq War … We saw the real Trump tonight.”

Trump senior communications adviser Jason Miller said, “We’ve shown Americans exactly who is going to stand up to them and tell them the truth. Who is going to be straightforward with them.”

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Many in the media lauded moderator Lester Holt’s performance.

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In contrast, “Secretary Clinton came off smug this evening and I think canned, rehearsed — I think Mr. Trump came across much better.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said Trump “absolutely” won the debate.

“Hillary Clinton’s entire agenda was to try to throw Donald Trump off and it didn’t work. He kept his cool,” he said. He added, “Hillary Clinton is not to be found trustworthy by most Americans.”

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