An elderly woman who donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign says she was charged multiple times after she stipulated she would only be making a one-time donation, according to a report from the New York Observer.*

Carol Mahre, an 81-year-old grandmother from Minnesota who has voted Democratic since Eisenhower’s re-election in 1956, said she wanted to make a one-time donation of $25 to Clinton’s campaign. But when she received her U.S. Bank statement, she noticed that multiple charges of $25 (and one for $19) were made to her account from the Clinton campaign.

Mahre said she wanted to make only a one-time donation. Her son, Roger, agreed to help her get her money back, as she could not afford the multiple donations.

“It took me at least 40 to 50 phone calls to the campaign office before I finally got ahold of someone,” Roger told NBC affiliate Kare11, which first investigated Mahre’s story. “After I got a campaign worker on the phone, she said they would stop making the charges.”

But the charges didn’t stop. Roger said his mother is “very good with the Internet,” and doesn’t believe she would have mistakenly signed up for recurring donations. But even if she had, why would the recurring donations change from $25 to $19? Why would the charges come on the same day or in the same month instead of monthly? And why would the charges stop even after Roger complained to the campaign and they agreed to stop charging his mother?

Observer reporter Liz Crokin spoke to a Wells Fargo employee who works in the fraud department to figure out what was going on.

“We get up to a hundred calls a day from Hillary’s low-income supporters complaining about multiple unauthorized charges,” the employee, who asked to remain anonymous, told Crokin. The source added that they had not received any calls about the Trump campaign and donations.

The source said this has been going on since the spring, and that the campaign stops after it has taken a little less than $100 from a one-time donor.

“We don’t investigate fraudulent charges unless they are over $100,” the source said. “The Clinton campaign knows this, that’s why we don’t see any charges over the $100 amount, they’ll stop the charges just below $100. We’ll see her campaign overcharge donors by $20, $40 or $60 but never more than $100.”

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That would explain why Mahre was charge $25 three times, but $19 the next time; it keeps the amount below $100.

The Wells Fargo source said the bank refunds Clinton donors between $700 and $1,200 a day.

The source said he was apolitical but thinks what the Clinton campaign is doing “is so messed up, she’s stealing from her poorest supporters.”

Back in August, a CNN reporter claimed it was “impossible” to cancel a recurring donation to the Donald Trump campaign. Several lefty websites, including Mic and Slate, jumped on the accusation. A snopes investigation into the matter found that it was possible (but could be difficult if one didn’t create an account on the Trump website) and that it was more the fault of the third-party interface the Trump outsourced to than the campaign itself.

After Mahre’s story was investigated by the NBC affiliate, her son Roger said they began hearing from others who had been overcharged by the Clinton campaign.

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The whole thing has made Mahre decide not to vote for Clinton in November.

*I also write for the Observer.

Ashe Schow is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.

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